Introduction: How to Charge Your Ipod, Camera, Cellphone or Handheld Game Console on the Go

Don't you just hate it when you're taking photos with your camera then your battery just dies on you and there isn't anywhere to charge your camera! Well I have come up with a solution! It's to build a Portable USB Power Supply and I will show you how you build one in this Instructable. Here are the specs for Portable USB Power supply
length=5.6cm height=3.1cm
output=5vdc 1A
battery life=over 3 hours

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is a list of things you need to build the Portable USB Power Supply
1-battery connector
1-100uf capacitor
1-5v voltage regulator
1-rectifying Diode
1-220uf capacitor
1-150ohm resistor
1-330ohm resistor
1-10kohm resistor
1-female usb port
1-pcb board
1-9v battery
1-project box

soldering iron
philip screw driver
16/64" drill bit
hot glue gun

Step 2: Solder the Components on the Printed Circuit Board

Now solder the components listed below on the pcb board according to the photo below
BT1=battery connector
C1=100uf capacitor
U1=5v voltage regulator
D2= rectifying Diode
C2=220uf capacitor
R1=150ohm resistor
R2=330ohm resistor
R3=10kohm resistor
Female usb port

Step 3: Cut the Printed Circuit Board

To cut the pcb you must clamp the pcb in the vice with the top of the vice in line with the spot where you want to cut the pcb. Then run the knife along the top of the vice 20 times with pressure on the pcb. Flip the board over and do the same with the other side. Next  squeeze the sides of the board. Then bend the board and it should just snap off cleanly if you ran the knife along the top of the vice the right number of times.

Step 4: Modify the Case

Now cut a notch in the case with a hand saw or dremel so the USB plug can fit in nicely. After that you need to drill a 16/64" hole in the case to put the led in. Then using a dremel cut out an opening so the switch can fit in the case.

Step 5: Put Everything in the Case

Screw the pcb to the case or glue it. Next hot glue the led in the hole you made earlier. Then hot glue the usb plug in the slot. Now put the Battery in the case it should fit tightly. 

Step 6: Put the Top on and Try It Out

Now screw the lid on. Then try it out by plugging something in the usb slot and turning your Portable USB Power Supply on.

Step 7: Uses

You can use the Portable USB Power Supply to charge or power your Ipod, Iphone, cellphone, camera, Mp3, Mp4 player, handheld game console, usb fan or usb led and much more on the go. Thanks for taking a look at this Instructable.  Please vote for it in the USB contest.

Step 8: (Optional) Make It Rechargeable

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