How to Clean the Xbox 360 Laser

Introduction: How to Clean the Xbox 360 Laser

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This will teach you how to clean your Xbox 360 laser without taking it apart and voiding your warranty. I am not responsible for any damage that may occur if you don't follow this process exactly.

Step 1: Symptoms

The signs of your xbox's laser being covered in dust are that no disk will read through, if this is the case when you pop in a disk it will say reading and then say open instead of showing the game thumbnail.

Step 2: Supplies

You will need:
A disk you don't care about
Micro fiber cloth

Step 3: Cut Micro Fiber

Cut a strip of micro fiber roughly 2.5 inches wide and 5 inches long. Cut a hole in the center where to hold in the disk is. After this tape the cloth so it is secure. (Make sure to tape the longer ends on the graphic side of the disk so the tape doesn't touch the laser when inserted.

Step 4: How to Use

The first image shows how the disk would look if it were upside down( notice the cloth how it goes onto the graphic) the second image shows how it looks when it is in the correct position. The third image shows the disk in the correct position with the cloth on the graphic aligned with the tray.

Open your disk tray and insert the disk as shown. Open and close the tray 4 or 5 times to
Wipe the laser, one this is done place a disk in and see if it loads. This method is great, I was about to ship my Xbox to Microsoft, but then I cooked up this plan, enjoy!

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This fixed my disc read error. Had started taking apart my 4g Xbox 360 arcade after it wouldn't read games anymore after 7yr! Couldn't get past the full disassembly because of the security screws, so looked for another solution and yours fixed it (likely a dusty disc laser). Thanks!


3 years ago on Step 2

I received the 360 red X Box when my Son passed away, I have all his discs but it wasn't reading most of the time. Blew it out with air compressor worked for awhile. Then made up a disc with the micro fiber, you have to have it pretty flat, no wrinkles. Stuck the disc in a few times, you could see it moved. Tried my disc again and WOW they all work. You could see the dust coming out when it tried to read the disc I made. Thank You very much. Very smart people. Happy!!!


4 years ago

The kids use our old Xbox 360, so the drama at 7am on a Saturday when it wouldn't read the discs was unbearable.

I made this fix, ran it through the tray a couple of times, and viola! A rejuvenated Xbox 360! Thank you!!!