Introduction: How to Clean Your Room

Ok so you come home and BAM! You forgot to clean your room. So then, you stuff everything in your closet and under your bed. Wrong! Its probably not the best idea to do that. Its important to stay organized. Lets now learn how to clean your room properly!

Step 1: Divide Your Room Into Sections

Ok so divide your room into four sections. Label them 1,2,3, and 4 in your mind. It will be easier this way.

Step 2: Start at Section One

In my section one I have not a huge mess. Put things where they go and it won't be very hard! Also open up the shades if there down. It makes things easier to see!

Step 3: Clean Section 2

Section one is clean and on to section 2. Turn things upright, pick up clothes and of course, put things where they go! Ok now it's clean!

Step 4: Clean Section 3

Repeat earlier steps! Now it's done!

Step 5: Clean Section 4

Repeat steps and now everything is picked up off the floor!

Step 6: Make Your Bed

If your bed its made, make it! First put your pillow in the right spot, cover with the first sheet, cover with the second, and smooth it out!

Step 7: Vacuum

Get the vacuum and suck up all the junk on the floor!

Step 8: Enjoy Your Clean Room

All clean and everything is organized!!