Introduction: How to Clean Your Smoking Glass

Step 1: Smoke 'em If You Got 'em

This method uses hot water and submersion with some waiting periods. So if you want to smoke do so beforehand

Step 2: Materials

5 gallon bucket
Hot water source
Dishwasher detergent (I use jet dry cubes to leave my glass sparkly clean)
1 gallon bucket for soaking of smaller objects

Step 3: Begin Cleanin

The most important part of this entire process is getting the glass up to temperature. So we fill both buckets with the hottest water we can get out of the tap . The submerge all your glass in the hot water and let them sit for atleast 5 minutes. You will already see shimmering of oils and resin on the surface of the water.

Step 4: 2nd Soak

Now empty out both buckets being careful with your glass. You may want to do this in your toilet to avoid getting resin in the tub but Clorox wipes cleans any resin right up. This is a good time to mention Clorox wipes are good for spot treating glass and cleaning out bowls I between deep cleans.
The next step varies for each piece of glass; for tall water pipes fill the bucket to 3 inches below the top of your piece then add 2 or 3 dishwashers worth of dishwasher detergent. Then take a cup and fill the bucket throughout the piece tell you reach the top of your glass, this will circulate the detergent through the glass and keep higher concentration in the glass.
For smaller pieces just toss them in the bucket cover them in hot water add the same amount of detergent and swirl the water in the bucket gently.

Let this sit for atleast ten minutes.

Step 5: Finished or Repeat

Depending on how lazy you are/ willing to put up with grotesque glass it may take more than just two soaks. If your glass is not clean yet repeat the second soak . Getting in a weekly routine minimizes the amount of soaking time it will take and it also starts to create a protective layer on the glass. You may notice chucks of resin floating in your water pipe rather than being stuck to the glass after this.

Regardless of whether you are at the finish point or not now is a good time to flush out your glass with hot water. Just keep dumping water out of the bucket and adding more to clean the glass.