Introduction: How To: Coconut Bowl

 In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a coconut bowl

Step 1: 1: Things You Will Need

Coconut $2
Bowl Slightly Smaller Than Coconut
A saw of some-sort, I used a hacksaw
Good Knife

Step 2: 2: Draining Coconut

 *Be Careful Not To Spill Coconut

Then, After You Have Made The Hole With The Nail, Remove The Nail And Put The Coconut, Hole Down, Into The Small Bowl And Let It Drain.

Step 3: 3: Cutting the Coconut

 With The Sharpie, Make An Even, Horizontal Line Across The Circumference Of The Coconut.

Then with your saw, cut along the line you just marked, may take a while, depending on thickness of the coconut.

Make Sure You Have The Good Half Without The Hole In It Cut To You Desired Height.

Step 4: 4: Scooping Out the Innerds

 You Will Need The Chisel And Knife For This.

Just Go Crazy And Scrape The Inside Of The Bowl Till There Is No White Left, Then Sand The Inside.

*Srsly, Don't Go Yourself, I'm Not Liable For Any Wounds Suffered During This Step.

Step 5: 5: Almost Done

With The Knife Scrape The Outside Of The Bowl And Then Sand Till It's BB Smooth. 

Then, Spray With A Water Proofing Sealant And You Are FINISHED.

Now Go Out And Do Amazing Bowl Things With You're New Bowl!