Introduction: How to Construct the BlowBack Carp Rig

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One of the most useful rigs that I have used over the past 12 months has been the Blowback rig. The rig can be used with or without a hair to attach the boilie.

In this article I'll guide you through how to make the Blowback hairless rig and what materials and appliances I use to construct it.

At the end of the article there also links to 2 videos that show you the sequence too. I used these rigs on my recent carp fishing in France session on Molyneux.

Step 1:

I use the medium sized Korda rings... but the tear drop type also fit this purpose

Step 2:

For this rig I use the Korda N-Trap coated line in 15lb BS

Step 3:

Size 6 Fox Arma barbed long shank hook

Step 4:

I use dental floss to tie on the boilie to the O ring

Step 5:

Pair of forceps

Step 6:

Pair of scissors

Step 7:

The shrink tube that I use for this rig.  I get mine from

It's reasonably priced and maintains its shape when shrunk.

Step 8:

The gadget I use to tighten hooks and knots.

Step 9: How to Make the Blowback Rig - Hairless Type

1st strip back around 6 inches of the outer coating of the Korda N-Trap by using the forceps.

Step 10:

6 inches of N-Trap stripped to the braid

Step 11:

Take one of the Fox Arma longshank hooks and a Korda O ring

Step 12:

Slide the ring 3 inches down the braid

Step 13:

Tie the first simple overhand knot on the O ring and pull tight

Step 14:

Tie in a second knot

Step 15:

Pull the knot tight.  A touch of superglue can be added at this stage, although I personally rely solely on my knot.

Step 16:

Now peel off more Korda N-Trap giving you a length of around 15 inches.

Step 17:

Trim off line at O ring

Step 18:

Run the other end of the N-Trap down through the eye of the hook

Step 19:

Pull the line through the eye and pass the O ring over the hook past the hook point

Step 20:

Position the O ring on the bend of the hook so that it will not slide back towards the hook point

Step 21:

Tighten up the braid

Step 22:

Wind the braid back onto the hook shank around 10 turns towards the bend of the hook, keeping the loops tight together.

Step 23:

Pass the end of the braid back down through the eye of the hook

Step 24:

Keeping hold of the O ring on the bend of the hook - pull the other end of the braid tight so that the knot tightens over the shank of the hook.

Step 25:

Take just under ½ inch of the shrink tube

Step 26:

Pass the N-Trap through the shrink tube and slide the tubing down towards the eye of the hook

Step 27:

Push the shrink tube over the eye of the hook so that it just covers the hole of the knot on the shank of the hook

Step 28:

At this stage thoroughly tighten your knots with a gadget such as this, or with forceps.

Step 29:

Boil the water in a kettle and grab the bend of the hook with the forceps and hold over the steam for a few seconds angling the tubing down at a slight angle.

Step 30:

While the tubing is still warm bend the tubing so that it has a slight curve downwards

The rig is now complete!

Step 31:

With the dental floss tie on a boile with a slip knot

Step 32:

Tie onto the O ring

Step 33:

Trim off the excess dental floss and the rig is ready to cast out.

Step 34: Blowback Rig With a Hair

For the Blowback rig with a hair take up from where 6 inches of outer coating as been stripped from the N-Trap on the hairless version, but strip an extra inch of coating off the braid.

Step 35:

Of the stripped braid take around 4 inches and fold back and start to form a loop

Step 36:

Pass the end through the loop forming a simple single knot

Step 37:

Tighten to form the loop on the hair

Step 38:

Trim off the end of the braid close to the loop

Step 39:

Tie on the O ring

Step 40:

Pass the N-Trap down through the eye of the hook and the O ring over the hook point as before with the Hairless version.

Step 41:

Tie the rest of this rig as the Hairless version and this is the end result

Step 42:

Here is a video showing how to tie the Blowback rig with a hair;

Step 43:

Here is a video showing how to tie the Blowback hairless rig;

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