Introduction: How to Convert Reason Beats to Wav.

Easy as ABC,123 :)

Step 1: After You Made Your Beat

After you made your beat right click on the re drum and select copy pattern to track.

Step 2: Pattern Button

Click off the pattern button on the Re Drum.

Step 3: E Cursor

At the end of the song sequencer find your E cursor and then drag it to the end of you file.

Step 4: Export Song As Audio File

Select file and click on export song as audio file.

Step 5: Name and Save

Name the file and save it as a wav on the desktop.

Step 6: Sample Rate and Depth

When you see the export audio settings make sure your sample rate is 44,100 Hz. At the bit depth is 16 then press okay.

Step 7: Ready to Be Played

Your file is now ready is to be played on an iPod or to be uploaded onto internet.