How to Convince People

Introduction: How to Convince People

Step 1: Step One: List the Positives First

Our brains always take short-cuts, meaning that we can manipulate it to do what we want, first we want to list the positives because our brains use this to describe the negatives (eg: I am happy, energetic, and kind, but I am also brutality honest, short-tempered, and forgetful). Also make sure that the positives outweigh the negatives and list 4-5 positives.

Step 2: Step Two: Ask Big Things

There is a social phenomenon called door-in-the-face phenomenon, and it's when people will agree to something small if you asked something large. So when persuading somebody, ask something HUGE, if they say no, then significantly decrease the request until they say yes.

Step 3: Step Three: Make Sure They Are in a Good Mood

There is another social phenomenon called the feel-good, do-good phenomenon (I know, these names are awful), and it states that people who are happy will do something you request. This means that they will do something large with little persuasion, but that's not what we want, we want to squeeze every once out of this potential, so we manipulate ANOTHER social phenomenon (get ready for this name), the foot-in-the-door phenomenon, and this states that someone will usually agree to a larger request after doing a smaller request of that proportion, meaning that you ask them to do something small, they will agree to a larger request.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I believe it is good to have effective writing and speech to suggest, encourage, and persuade others of truths or wise actions in an effort to help others. And I enjoy hearing and reading such things to enrich my own life because it is from a spirit of caring and giving. However when anyone tries to push me or manipulate me or tyrannize me for purposes of greed, I resent it and oppose it because it is from a spirit of indifference and taking. Therefore it is wrong to go over the line from honest persuasion to manipulation.