Introduction: How to Craft a Cat Suitable Tug-Of-War

I got a new kitten a few weeks ago. He was a playful lad, too playful. He was too much energy to handle and acted like a crazy dog and was attacking us so I made him a tug of war game.

Step 1: Items Needed

All you will need is..
.A cat
.Two Sleeves
.Felt tips

Step 2: Ball 1

You need to get the biggest sleeve out of both of them then you must make a ball I recommend trying to tie nots in it that is how I did it.

Step 3: Ball 1 Carried On

After tying nots in the ball they will be parts sticking out but don't cut them off. You should find gaps where you can tuck the loose parts in. Make sure you don't put them in the same gap or it might fall apart later on.

Step 4: Ball 1 Finished

At the end it should look like this.

Step 5: Ball 2

First get your second sleeve.

Step 6: Ball 2 Carried On

First get ball number 1 and slide it into the middle of the sleeve.

Step 7: Ball 2 Carried on 2

It should look like this.

Step 8: Ball 2's Knot

Then tie a not and pull make sure to tie only one not and pull it tight to look like this.

Step 9: Optional Point

You can design a pattern for the ball but I kept mine white.

Step 10: Then Play

Then give it to your cat and drag it around for a good result. In the comments below send me you suitable cat tug or war ball?