Introduction: How to Create a Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

How to Create A Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

Things you will need:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Clipboard or Tape (to hold your bracelet down)
  • Scissors

Making a Candy Stripe Friendship bracelet is very simple, and only requires one type of knot. It may look odd at first but in time it will start to come together. I have mastered the Candy Stripe bracelet but first i learned the Chinese Staircase bracelet. So if this is too difficult, learn how to do that one first then come back to learn this one.

Step 1: Choose 4 Colors

You can choose school colors, holiday colors, or just colors you think would look good together.

Step 2: Cut Four Threads That About As Long As Your Armspand or 62 Inches

You might need to adjust the length according to the size of your wrist, so just compare it to your wrist before you cut it.

Step 3: Fold Each of Your Threads in Half and Tie Them All Together in a Knot

Step 4: Tape Down Your Threads Then Separate Them by Color (keeping Strings of the Same Color Together at All Times)

Make sure your knot is completely taped down because you don't want to have to adjust it while you're working on your bracelet. Then separate your threads by color.

Step 5: Grab Your First Pair of Strings and Make a Four Shape Over Your Second Pair

Reach through the four-shaped hole and pull through to create a knot (Do this twice)

Step 6: Hold on to Your First Pair of Strings and Use the Same Four Knot As Before on Your Third Pair of Strings (Twice)

Step 7: Continue With the First Pair of Strings and Create a Four Knot Over the Fourth and Final Pair of Strings (Twice)

Repeat steps 5-7 alternating all the string pairs as string pair one, keeping the same pattern.
As you work, compare the bracelet to your wrist to make sure it’s as tight as you want it.

Step 8: When the Bracelet Is Long Enough for Your Wrist Finish It Off With a Knot and Tie It to Your Wrist.