Introduction: How to Create a LEGO Star Wars Clone Army

One of the most sought after LEGO accomplishment among Star Wars LEGO fans is to create an army of clone troopers as we've seen in the Star Wars movies and television series. However, this can be a quite expensive undertaking. Here is the most affordable way to do it.

Step 1: Buy LEGO Set 8014 - Clone Walker Battle Packs

LEGO 8014, Clone Walker Battle Pack, comes with 4 clone troopers and 1 clone walker. You'll want to buy as many of these as possible to create the size army you'll shooting for. So, if you want a clone army of 40, buy 10 set. You can buy them  here at Galaxy Bricks, the LEGO Star Wars Guide. Typically, the retail price for this set is around $10.99. So buying 10 of them will cost you around $110.

Now, don't panic, we will be recouping some of your money.

Step 2: Seperate Your Clone Troopers From Your Clone Walkers

Open up all your sets and separate out all of your clone troopers from clone walker pieces. You don't need to put the Clone Walkers together, just put the pieces of each clone walker in a separate zip lock bag along with the instructions.

Step 3: Sell All Clone Walkers on Ebay

Here is were we try to recoup as much of your $110 as possible. LEGO is extremely popular on Ebay. If you still your bidding at $0.99 you'll sell your LEGO items every time. So, you'll want to sell each individual clone walker on Ebay with the instructions included. Be sure to put in the description that the item is new and has never been played with. This is a selling point to buyers. They don't want LEGO sets that have been thrown all over and have bite marks in them.

TIP: Don't overcharge for shipping, nobody will bid on your auction if the shipping is unreasonable. For this $2 max for shipping. Also, end your auctions on weekend nights, that's when most people are shopping for this stuff.

Typically, from my experience you can sell each clone walker anywhere from $3 - $5 each on Ebay. After you've sold these you'll recoup about $30 - $50 of your initial $110.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Clone Army - Repeat to Grow Your Army

Want to expand your clone trooper army to 80, 120, 160? Just repeat the steps above. This technique will work to create an LEGO army for anything as long as those mini figures are included in a battle pack. Battle packs typically are low cost and include 4 figures. So, you could do the same thing and create a stormtooper, snowtrooper, rebel solider army, etc...Galaxy Bricks is a guide to LEGO Star Wars sets and you can check there to see what battle packs are available and the mini figures included.