Introduction: How to Create a Blog Post on Blogger

This guide will step you through how to add a post to your blog.

Step 1: Log in to Your Blog at

Go to and enter your gmail email and password

Click "Sign In"

Step 2: Find Your Blog Title and Click the Orange Pencil Button

If you have multiple blogs they will be listed about a quarter way down the page. 
Find the blog you want to add a post to and click the orange pencil button to the right of the title. 
This is a quick link button to add a post.

Step 3: Add a Title to Your Post

The title will automatically be made big and bold at the top of your post on your blog.

Step 4: Add Your Content

This is where you can add all your post content. Add photos, videos, text, etc. 

Step 5: Optional: Add Tags/labels, Schedule a Post Time

Optionally you can add labels to your post to categorise it. E.g. promotions, giveaway, etc.
Also you can schedule a time for blogger to auto publish your post, just click "Schedule".

Step 6: Click "Publish" to Make Your Post Live

Click the orange button "Publish" to make your post live. 
Optionally you can click "Preview" to make sure it looks the way you want it to before publishing. Just remember to come back and publish.
If you want to save it as a draft to come back to, press "Save".