How To: Create an Animated Logo




Introduction: How To: Create an Animated Logo

The lamp runs across the screen, hopping on the 'I' several times before flattening  it, and looking at the screen, sort of surprised, What is this symbolizing? Pixar of course! The sphere on the bottle has a flowing liquid within it on the screen, with three colours, one symbolizing the Pop, the second the Fizz, and the top the empty part of the bottle, It's Pepsi! This instructable will show you how to create your own Logo with it's own Animation using Adobe Premiere Pro! P.S. First you will have to draw out your logo on Illustrator  Pro. 

Step 1: Requirements

- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe Illustrator
- Internet
- Drawings

Step 2: Logo-going

First, you've got to import each individual component of you're animation that you want to animate. In this Instructable I will be using the logo of my business, Heavily Armoured Studios. In this case, I exported the files individually, the Helmet, both Shoulders and Chest at once, (Which I drew in Adobe Illustrator) so that the two shoulders could glide across the screen into the suit of Armour. *An easy way to Illustrate your drawing on the computer is to scan your image and save it, and import it, tracing over-top of it.

Step 3: Animating the Drawings

To Animate the drawings, I took my now finished Illustrated individual pieces into Adobe Premiere Pro. In Premiere pro there are sliders that you can use to make the drawings move around at a certain pace. You have to be sure to scale the words to the right vertical position, and be sure to have the components of your Animation starting in the right position. When you have them in the right position, click the Set KeyFrame, and begin to move it exactly where you want it to stop in the animation. Set that KeyFrame. Do this for every illustration, word or letter / component of your Logo. For example, for the words, Heavily Armoured Studios, I just simply did the same thing as the pieces. I put the words off of the screen, and moved them to the spot I desired to have them in, set the KeyFrame and then moved it to where I wanted it, and set the second KeyFrame. (You can find all of these controls after clicking the certain track and going to 'Effect Controls', there you can change multiple things to each component in your video.)

Step 4: Adding Sound

To add sound to your finished project, you've got to make sure you know what you're looking for. In my logo, I needed a metalic sort of Clang, or even a Smash to symbolize the Shoulders were 'Heavy' and that they were converging inwards on the suit of armor. I also used some sounds from the same long sound effect to create an extra effect on the words. First, I went to, and searched up the sort of thing I was looking for. 'Metal hitting Metal'. 

Step 5: This Is Only the Beginning

Your Logo is finished! Now you can start making your own movies and short films with your logo in the front of it! My created logo should be at the bottom of this step! I hope this helps! Brought to you by Heavily Armoured Studios!

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