How to Create Animated Walking Shoes




Introduction: How to Create Animated Walking Shoes

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For This Type of Instructable, I'm here to Teach You how to Create your very own and how to animate a pair of shoes walking.

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you will need for this is
Two colors of Clay One for the Body and The other For The Bottom and The laces
A toothpick
A Camera or Webcam

Step 2:

For this step you will need to take a length of a thumbful of Clay and mold it into a looking type of a shoe. 
Also Push in and go up to create the entrance for your sole.
You will need to make this 4x

Step 3:

In this step is where to create the bottom of the shoe.
Get some white clay and Flatten into a Pancake, Place the shoe on top and get the toothpick or any clay cutting tool that you have and trace/cut out the White clay along the shoe itself. When That's done, Push down on the clay to make it attach to each other.
You will need to repeat this 4x

Step 4:

For this step is where to create the shoe laces. 
Get some any kind of clay that your using to make the shoes and roll it out and make it small. 
Then use the other kind of clay and make it a slightly bit bigger.  
On the Next picture you can see that the shoelaces are in [X] formation. But you can create any other type of lacing. 
You will need to do this 4x

Step 5: Shoes Completed

Now You have your 4 completed shoes! 
Now for making the shoes to move You will need to bend two of your 4 shoes that you made. By bending the front and a Bit bent to the back. Look at the 2nd Photo to see.

Step 6: Part Two: How to Make the Shoes Move/ Look 3D

To create The shoes to walk, You will need to make beams. 
Just a simple rectangle and then place one on the bent shoe and the other on the straight shoe.
I recommend that the beams are placed on the Left side shoes so when doing the video you won't be able to see them when animating with the camera facing from the top.  

Step 7: How to Make Them Walk

The trick in making the shoes walking is by looking how your real human shoes move. one foot goes down and the other is flat then rotating. In the pictures, they will help you in how to get the idea. 

Step 8: The Show!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Congrats on the patience and demonstration!

    I see one flaw in the motion depending on what you were trying to achieve - you have the toe going down first when typically the heel should come down first, so your feet look like they're creeping or tip-toeing rather than walking.  HOWEVER!  With the shoes you created, you could definitely make them moonwalk which would be pretty darn cool.  :)

    Josh Galambos
    Josh Galambos

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You AngryRedhead.
    I Tried The best to "make" It real. At The Starting of the video I've totally Forgotten about that ahaha. Also For Moonalking? That's A Great Idea.


    7 years ago

    Very good I loved your hard work. Another way to do it is to take a real shoe, show the bottom, bring it up, then in the middle of the air and floor so between both, the surface and the air and now keep doing that and move it in the direction you want it to "walk".