Introduction: How to Create Cool Looking Icon's.

In this I'll show you how to create cool looking icon's for game's , website , ect.

Step 1: Open Your Photo Editing Program.

You can use Photoshop, , Inkscape.

Step 2: Find Your Object of Choice for Your Icon.

Use Google images to search and make sure you put .PNG at the end.Then Save to your choice of destination. For This I'm using a Radio.

Step 3: Rescale You Canvas to 400px 400px.

For Photoshop and Paint.NET you got to Image , Canvas Size.Then hit OK.

Step 4: Fill the Background With Any Colour You Want.

You can use any colour background, I prefer darker colours.

Step 5: Import You Image.

Import your selected image.

Step 6: Put Your Tolerance to 75% and Select Your Image.

Then Go Into Your Background And press CTRL+X to Delete that white space.Then Delete You Image.

Step 7: Fill the Space You Just Deleted.

Fill It with an other colour.(Remember To Put The Tolerance Back to 0.)

Step 8: OPTIONAL : Add a Border

Seclect Shape's(ShortKey : O) And Select A Colour And Select The Top Left Corner And Then Drag It to The Bottom Right.Set It To Your selected width and press Shift for a perfect square.

Step 9: Other Example.