How to Create Custom Icons



Introduction: How to Create Custom Icons

How To Create Custom Icons with AWiscons lite.

Link to download AWicons lite.

Step 1: Step 1 Through......

Go online and Google icon's. When you find the one /'s you like either save the picture to your computer or copy past it to MS paint (or your preferred application). I recommend saving it so you can use it again if its like mine with a lot on it! Now open up AWicons lite. If you save the picture open it up to.

Step 2: Step 2 to the End

With the pictures open open AWicons over it. Now note that theres a button in the program that looks like a camera. This is will take a screen shot of the screen a certain size. Hold down the douse button and drag it to the icon picture you want. Now release.

Something to remember

- You can only make the icon so big

So i suggest that you either find a page with many pictures on it like mine or click the small image link on your search engine.

If you would like a tutorial on the rest of the program, AWicons lite or how to further customize an icon, please privet message me!

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