How to "Create" More Space Where There Was None Before!

Introduction: How to "Create" More Space Where There Was None Before!

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As most, if not all, creative persons find out, there is never enough space (or time) to do all the things we want to accomplish. I strive to organize, and be consistent in placing tools, items, supplies, etc., to maximize my space and time requirements.  In the last few years, I've happily discovered a way to "add space", and make life easier in the craft room and shop.  That way is to make rolling counter space or work area(s), better known as carts.

Step 1: Make a Few Rolling Counter Tops/ Work Spaces

Here are a few recent additions to my work space.  I found a couple of stationary cupboard/shelf units at a garage sale, so brought them home, cut them in half, and made the units shown.  Now, if I need a place to store paints, or canvases, or any other item, I simply roll a unit or two next to my drawing table...instant counter space!  I have a few in the art room and a few in the garage/shop. The heavy duty table can be taken outside to unload heavy items from the truck, or rolled around to where it is needed to hold the paint cans, tools, ferterlizers, etc. that we all use in and around the house.

Step 2: Buy Carts at Garage Sales

I keep my eyes open for rolling carts at garage sales and thrift shops. After all, I'm going to take it home and probably spill paint or glue or spackle, or something on it!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    You are absolutely right. Several years ago I mounted casters on several pieces of equipment in my shop. It allows me to keep things such as my bandsaw, welder, and bench sander out of the way and bunched up together. When I need one, I roll it forward, then roll it back. Sure saves a lot of space.