Introduction: How to Create Your Own Anime Like Dragon Ball Z or Bleach, Etc.

In this instructable, I will show you how to create your own anime. Eg. Naruto, bleach etc.

So pay close attention and follow my lead!! :D

Step 1: The Planning

To create a successful anime you will HAVE to have a lot of planning made, the first price of planning you will need is the story. This can be anything you like, eg a romantic story of a woman who adventures to find her true love etc.

Another key factor is character design, spend time on this and make it as detailed as possible, be creative and create a character. It can be based off of yourself or friends/family.

The next piece of planning you need is a script. This will determine what happens and is another Key Priority for your anime.

The third plan you will need is a time sheet with a basic description of what will happen in each "shot". The time sheet is exactly what it sounds like, it is the plan for what happens in the shot and how long t will go on for. (Eg. Shot 1=10seconds, shot 2=10minutes).

Our fourth component is a lot of work, you will have to draw the main key frames you want, the picture used as the thumbnail for this instructable is my 1st key frame. The keyframes can be a rough drawing or you can do extra work and make them perfect, it's up to you.

Now you should have enough resources to use, so move on to step 2.

Step 2: Re-draw, Perfect and Animate

Next you will want to redraw or perfect your documents and then re-draw the key frames as best as possible, you can trace it or draw by eye. Whatever suits you best. (WARNING: DO NOT ADD SHADING TO THESE NEW DRAWINGS!!! ALSO, DO NOT DRAW THE BACKGROUND OR SCENERY).

Now you have got the best drawings we can start the actual animation process. To do this you may need an animating wheel or just use a window, this can help you trace or see where your at. What you need to do is draw in between frames, this is called "framing".

To do this, you get your 2 keyframes and place them on the window like you are going to trace them, but don't trace them. Add a third price of clean paper to the top of the other two and draw what the character will look like I between the two shots.

(Eg. Paper 1 shows the beginning of a punch.
Paper 2 shows a fully extended punch, you need to draw the mid-punch frame like the picture corresponding to this step).

Step 3: Backgrounds

In most anime, the backgrounds and scenery are most traditionally hand painted using quick dry oil paints, these can be found at most craft stores.

There are many techniques to paint backgrounds but that isn't what this instructable is for.

So paint them however you like and continue to your next step

Step 4: Compiling

Now you have hundreds of frames and your painted backgrounds, you need to scan them into your computer using a printer scanner or anything you have to get them onto your computer in a high quality.

From here you need to make a colour code for your individual characters, so get the colours and put them on a blank photoshop or Gimp document and label what each colour is (eg. Shirt, shirt shadow etc).

Now you have your colour codes, you need to take the painstaking process of adding it to your individual frames. (Such an easy but long process).

After this you can compile It into an animation if you know how to on photoshop or gimp. (You can learn to do this on YouTube).

Now render it as a gif and save.

Step 5: Creating the Final Cut

Now you have your gif files and the backgrounds, you can take them into any video editing software and layer the gif onto the background. This way the background can be ordered to move when the character does, to make a proper movement. Instead of having false movement. (Walking on the spot etc).

You may need to compile the saved animated files together to create the full video.

Step 6: Audio

All that this step requires you to do is to cast some voices and record them 'acting' (voice acting). And then you can edit the audio and add that in the correct place and synchronise the voice with the character.

You may also want some SFX or background music. You can record these yourself or download them from the Internet.

Step 7: Finalising

Now everything is done and the audio and animations are timed correctly to your liking, all that's left to do is export the final render. Now that's it! You have made your own anime.

You may want to create something like a logo or thumbnail for the anime. So just draw these if you want or edit them on a computer.

You can upload them onto YouTube or host a site specifically for the anime. You may even want to give it a try on a TV channel. It's up to you.

The end ;)