Introduction: How to Crochet a Hair Bow

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Hair bows are adorable, so why not make your own? They are simple to make and very fashionable. You just have to know how to double crochet.

What you'll need:


Crochet Hook: 6.50mm

Bobby Pins (optional)

Step 1: Start Off With a Chain

Make a chain with the desired yarn you would like for your bow. It doesn't necessarily need to be any specific length. Just make the chain as long as you'd like your bow.

Step 2: Just Keep Double Crocheting

For this step you'll need to double crochet a few rows to make the width of the bow. For my bow I crocheted 4 rows, but it's really optional depending on the size you prefer.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Bow

To finish off the bow, tie the end off where your last stitch was and then cut the yarn so the tail is about an inch long. weave in the ends. Fold the bow in half so you know where the middle is. Wrap yarn around the middle of the bow and tie it, then wrap even more yarn around and tie it for the last time. Tuck in any loose yarn strands.

Step 4: Woop Woop All Donee

Now all you need is bobby pins and pin it in your hair :)

Good Luck :)

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