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Introduction: How to Crush Cans

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Today In daily routines I thought it would suck if I didn't understand the concept of crushed cans. I would have to take the cans and bottles into the local recycle . More often . :( so in case there's people who don't understand crushed cans here you go , they save space if they are easily crushed . .

Step 1: The Side Crush

So where I live in Saskatchewan you need to side crush cans .they will make a point that they cannot see the labelling of the can . So this is how you do the side crush . You can begin by first pinching easily done with your hand in the middle of the longer side of the can .the next step requires you wearing tough shoes ,you then step on the the can already pinched in the middle ,until it is flat. Then stomp on it a few more times to make sure un crushed parts get flattened .

Step 2: The Top Bottle Cap Method Is So Easy .

You do not do any preparation to the van you leave it in tact as it is . Just slate It on the ground . Then using either your heel or ball of your foot stomp straight down . Just be sure your recycle store will still take them . But I would hope that's something you would just know .

Step 3: Congratulations

If this is new to you , it's ok pat yourself on your back . You are now a little bit better of a person . Here's a picture of someone you should know . Ron Swanson , happy living!

Step 4: The Space Saved

Cans that are not crushed take up a lot more space . If you crush cans the recycle bags fill up later. . Leaving you having to do recycles less often .

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