Introduction: How to Cuff Shorts, Properly

In this instructable, I will show you my favorite way to cuff shorts, they look professional and neat. This creates a more finished look to shorts that were once pants.

Step 1: You Will Need:

Shorts (mine are pants I cut) Needle Thread Scissors Sewing pins (not mandatory but helpful)

Step 2: The Rolling

Roll the bottom twice to your desired length.

Step 3: The Pinning

If using pins (if not skip this step) pin in the following areas: side seams, middle front, and two middles in back

Step 4: The Sewing 1

Cut a piece of thread you're comfortable with. Thread your needle with it. And tie a know at the end.

Step 5: The Sewing 2 the Side

The sides are easier to sew than the middle parts, in my opinion. Poke the needle from the inside if the cuff, to the outside (I find it best to work under the seam and hide the thread). Now sew from the outside to the inside of the leg hole (you may remove pin at this point). Keep sewing from inside of the leg hole to the outside of cuff, making sure to hide the outside threads. Work your way up while sewing, go as high as possible and work back down to the beginning point. Tie and cut thread. Repeat to other side.

Step 6: The Sewing 3 the Middle

Poke needle from the inside of the cuff to the inside of the leg hole. Here is the tricky part. See from the inside to the first fold of the cuff, do not go through the visible fabric, and go back through (I tried my hardest at explaining it). You may remove the pin. Repeat working your way up once again. When as close as possible, poke needle through the fold of the cuff, and then to the leg hole a little lower (not too low). Work back down, tie a cut thread. Repeat sewing to other leg.

Step 7: Finished!

Now show off your shorts or decorate them further, the choice is yours.