How-To: Customize Your Compost Bin




Introduction: How-To: Customize Your Compost Bin

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Compost bins are a perfect way to re-utilize all those kitchen and yard scraps for a new purpose, to help create a more gorgeous garden.

When we built our compost bin, we decided to create a simple, yet custom design that fits in perfectly with our yard and style.

Step 1: Detail

We added a little detail to our Western Red Cedar compost bin. By alternating how we assembled the individual boxes—without alternating their size—we gave the compost bin a refined but rustic box-joint look. And, it’s pretty easy.

For a basic 36-inch by 24-inch compost bin, each front and back piece would be 36-inches long. Fastened in-between them would be two sides at 21 inches long (Tip: to get an outside dimension of 24-inches you subtract the thickness of the front and back—in this case 3 inches—to get the length of the sides.)

For ours, here’s what we did: Box A’s front and back pieces are 36-inches long. Each side piece is 21-inches.

Box B’s front and back pieces are 33-inches long while the sides are 24-inches. We then stacked A, B, A, B and so on.

Step 2: Location.

We placed the bin in a location in the yard where it wouldn’t be too close to any sitting areas. While hardly overwhelming, one of the by-products of bio-degradation is a peculiar smell.

Step 3: Getting Compost.

Finally, we made sure to fasten the bottom two boards from the face of the bin. That way we can take them off if we want to and dig out from below where the best compost will typically be.

Check out a video of how we built this compost bin together.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great little composter, though I would upscale to 3 chambers so you get fully composted, in progress and new if you have the space


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    We're tight on space Buck. And we've been using every bit of compost it can generate lately.