Introduction: How to Defy Gravity

That's right everybody! We've done it! We've made a paintbrush float in mid-air!

Well I mean, we kind of did . . .

Okay so maybe we didn't actually make it float, but doesn't mean YOU can't make it float! Don't worry, it IS possible, you just have to try really, really, really hard.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Materials

STEP 1: Gather Materials

The first you want to do for this experiment- no scratch that. The first thing you want to do for ANY experiment- no scratch that to. The first thing you want to do for ANYTHING is to gather your materials. Makes sense right? Anyway you want to start with these simple instructions, first get a paintbrush, a ruler, a block of foam, a piece of plastic about 1" by 1 1/2", and 6 magnets. Oh yeah and some tape if you need it.

Step 2: Step 2: Placing Magnets in the Foam

STEP 2: Placing Magnets In The Foam

For this step we are going to start preparing the tools to make this experiment possible. Don't worry, when I say tools I don't mean you're going to build your own hammer or something. All thought that would be cool. No instead I am going to tell you how to prepare the foam board.

First you are going to take the foam and cut four holes, big enough for the magnets to fit, but small enough so that they won't fall out. The holes should be in kind of in a rectangle formation. And the rectangle should be about an inch and one half by an inch. Once you have finished this, place the magnets inside the holes.

Next you are going to place the plastic square at the top of the foam board.

Step 3: Step 3: Creating the Floating Brush

STEP 3: Creating The Floating Brush/Pencil

Congrats! You are almost done!

Okay so now you are going to create the last tool. This tool, in my opinion is really important. First you are going to place the magnets on the paintbrush/pencil so that the magnets from the board and the magnets on the brush are repelling. After you do that, I recommend you tape the magnets to where they are.

After this try placing the brush/pencil on the foam board and making changes to the original design if needed.

Now you can celebrate!

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