Introduction: How to Diy a Small Drawer to Recycle Garbage for Your Table

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It is always dirty and messy when we Diy something on your worktable. If there is a mounted underneath the table small drawer like garbage, broken skin shredding thread entered swept away and keep the table clean. You can even put commonly used tools in a drawer,and do not heap full table full of walls. Here I’m going to teach you how to diy a small drawer to recycle garbage for your table.

Prepare Materials:
Computer tables Slides- 1 piece,2030 Wood strips- 1.2 m,Thin wood- 1 piece,Wood screws-20 pieces. Some



Step 1: Make Sure the Parameters of Drawer

Be changed according to the size of the actual size you want drawer. I am here to drawer size is 32 cm * 30 cm (width * deep). Slides are common computer desk with two rails, the thickness of 1 cm. Equation (M = L-2T-8 mm) in, 8 mm is active gap (side 4 mm).

Note: Schematic diagram from Chinese,any questions about the parameters,leave a comment.

Step 2: Nail Out Th Draewer Look

First nail out the drawer look, wood rail B (length of drawer depth 30 cm) and thin (32 cm * 30 cm) together with wood screws, as shown in Figure.

Step 3: ​Nails a Small Wood in the Bottom of Drawer

Nails a small wood In the bottom of drawer, pull something convenient.

Step 4: ​Remove the Slide Movable Portion

Remove the slide movable portion . After the slide open to the maximum, there will be a black limit, dial click on it to pull out the movable part.

Step 5: Fix the Active Portion of the Rail

The active portion of the rail is fixed on the sides drawers with wood screws. Do not pay attention to the direction of slide backwards, black stopper at the distal end.

Step 6: Put the Other Two Sides Are Fenced With Wood.

Drawer finished. If you want to make a small drawer can square things, you can put the other two sides are fenced with wood.

Step 7: ​Install the Wood Rails a Under the Workbench

Install the wood rails A under the workbench , can be reduced with the inside edge of the desktop 3 cm, it will not affect the overall appearance workbench. A wooden rail of the drawer from the width (M) + rail thickness (T * 2) + activity i.e. 8 mm pitch, i.e., 32 cm + 1 cm * 2 + 0.8 cm = 34.8 cm.

Step 8: The Other Half of the Fixed Rails on the Wooden Rail A

The other half of the fixed rails on the wooden rail A, just front-end alignment.

Step 9: Replace the Drawer,finish

Replace the drawer. Completion! The width of the paper took a close fit on the drawer, this is done for the convenience of garbage, not the drawer removed. You can also put some common tools.