How to Do a Double Backflip




Introduction: How to Do a Double Backflip

This is a set of simple instructions on how to execute a double backflip. A double backflip is actually a very easy and straight forward maneuver. The only real requirement is being 100% committed. There is a small risk of injury. Most people experience slight under or over rotation on their first attempts. The only side effects are a little sting from slapping the surface of the water, which doesn't hurt much more than stubbing your toe.

You will will need to have access to a diving board, preferably around 10-15 ft high. Make sure that the landing pool is at least 8 ft deep, any water shallower could lead to injury.

Step 1: Board Position

Position yourself on the high dive with your back facing the water, and the back of your heels perfectly lined up with the end of the board.

Step 2: Practice Bouncing

Take a few bounces to get a feel for the board, and the timing. You want to be able to feel the point where you are weightless.

Step 3: Head, Shoulders and Arms

At the peak of your bounce, throw your arms straight into the air towards the ceiling, and naturally your shoulders will start to arch back. Let this happen.

- As your shoulders arch back, look straight up at the ceiling with your eyes. This will get your head in the right position for rotation.

Step 4: Knees

Throw your knees to your chest. This will start your rotation.

- Once you feel yourself flipping, hold your knees to your chest with your arms.

- Holding yourself in this balled up position is key to ensuring a full rotation.

- Stay in the balled position for 1 second, naturally you will be at about 1 1/2 rotation.

Step 5: Spot the Landing

Once you can see the ground for the 2nd time, it is time to get out of the tuck and slow down.

- Keep your eyes on the ground the entire time, this keeps you from over rotating.

Step 6: Straighten Out

Right before you hit the water, straighten your body out flat with your hands at your side. This will ensure straight and smooth entry into the water.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice tutorial. I learned how to do a front 1 1/2 on that exact board.

    RB, right?