How to Do a French Twist Ponytail

Introduction: How to Do a French Twist Ponytail

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This is a cute hairstyle that can be used to spice up a ponytail or as the base for a rope braid.

Step 1: The Base

Make sure their hair is brushed well. Then separate the top from the middle and bottom. You can brush it backwards or part it down the middle depending on the look you want. Next separate the top in two sections, and fold one over the other. Add a small piece of hair to both pieces like a French braid, but add to both sides at the same time. Then twist.

Step 2: The Twist

Continue the first step of adding hair and twisting all the way until the base of the head. When you get to the bottom pull tightly and add a ponytail just as you would without the twist.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Congratulations you have completed a French twist ponytail! Now you can do what you please whether it's finishing it with a rope braid or adding a bow. Let your creativity take over. I found this hairstyle on cute girl hair styles.

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