How to Do a Hat Flip

Introduction: How to Do a Hat Flip

This Instructable will teach you how impress your friends with a cool hat flip. Hat tricks are a lot of fun and they look really cool. The tricks can be incorporated into dance moves or you can do them when you want to impress the ladies. The move you are about to learn is the most basic, but it can be integrated into a larger routine. The more practice you put in, the better it will look and you can eventually make your own moves.

Time: The move itself will only take approximately one second, but learning the trick will take five to ten minutes before mastery. Read through each step first before attempting the flip. Each step happens quickly and they are put together in one fluid motion.

Skill level: No experience needed, but good eye-hand coordination is helpful.

Materials Needed:
  1. A Hat
  2. A Hand
-NOTE- Flat billed hats work the best. Avoid hats that have curled brims or a floppy crown. New Era hats hold their form and allow easier handling. A New Era hat off the shelf costs around $35.

Step 1: The Grip

Grab the bill of the hat with your hand and hold it out in front of you so that the bill points towards you.
  1. Hold the hat at shoulder height.
  2. Place your thumb on the underside of the bill.
  3. Place your four other fingers on top of the bill.
-NOTE- A relaxed arm and posture will make the trick easier to pull off.

Step 2: The Drop

Slightly bend your hand downwards so that the bill points upwards.
  1. Bend only at the wrist and keep your arm still.
-NOTE- This step allows you to build momentum before the actual flip.

Step 3: The Flick

With the bend of your wrist, gently flick your wrist upwards.
  1. As the hat begins to flip over, release your thumb from the grip so that the hat is able to roll over.
  2. Keep your hand and fingers sturdy so that the crown of the hat rests on the tops of your fingers.
-NOTE- Flicking your wrist too much will cause the hat to 'jump' off of your hand and will most likely fall. Flicking your wrist too lightly won't produce enough force to flip the hat over.

Step 4: The Slide

Slightly move your arm forward parallel with the ground.
  1. This is a quick movement that takes place immediately after you flip the hat upwards.
  2. The hat will come to a momentary pause on your knuckles. At this point, the hat should be flipped upside down with the bill of the hat pointing away from you.
-NOTE- The arm movement is very slight and will take a little time before you become comfortable with the speed and balance of the trick.

Step 5: The Push

Now with the hat momentarily resting on your hand, flick your four fingers upwards against the crown of the hat.
  1. This will push the hat to roll back over to the original position.
  2. Sliding your arm slightly back can also help the hat to roll evenly on the crown.
-NOTE- This step is tricky, to time it just right and balance it on your fingers. If you drop the hat, don't get frustrated. Keep trying.

Step 6: The Grab

As the hat rolls back to the original position, prepare to grab the bill again.
  1. Bring your thumb back under the bill as it now points towards you.
  2. This needs to be a quick movement so that you can grasp the bill before the momentum pushes it too far.

Step 7: The Pose

You did it! The hat is now firmly in your grasp and your friends are thoroughly amazed. They will probably ask you to do it again or ask to try it themselves. Hopefully the ground isn't too dirty, because they are bound to drop it without the proper instruction. You can now keep practicing so that it becomes second nature. You can also add elements like flipping it horizontally, or flipping it back onto your head. Good luck with your hat tricks!

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    Nice trick.