How to Do the Splits

Introduction: How to Do the Splits

Sorry if the pics are bad I had to take them myself :/

Step 1:

Get a nice big area like this (this ain't that big lol)

Step 2:

Then go there and get comfortable...

Step 3:

Not THAT comfortable (lol)

Step 4:

Go to your spot wherever you like and the stand up (unless your standing already)

Step 5:

Now slide Dow with yor feet like this ( go until it hurts)

Step 6:

Keep going!

Step 7:

Almost done (ignore the arm)

Step 8:

Now if this hurts stop I'll post a thing on how to get lower (this is just how to get into it and stuff if that makes sence)

Step 9:

Here's my split (if I can get a pic haha)

Step 10:

My back leg is bent because its sore (sorry)

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