"How To" Dot Nail Art!



Introduction: "How To" Dot Nail Art!

About: A graduate of Syracuse University with a BFA in Surface Pattern Design. My surface of choice... NAILS! I enjoy discovering simple and easy ways to dress your naked nails!

Here's 4 easy steps to making a cute swirl dot nail art design.  Check out more tips and tricks on www.thetrendynail.com

Step 1: Tools

- Dotting Tool 
(If you don't have a dotting tool a toothpick, pin or tip of a pen will work.)
- Light Blue Nail Polish Essie Avenue Maintain
- Dark Blue Nail Polish Essie's Mesmerize 
- White Nail Polish OPI Alpine Snow 
- Tin Foil or Paper Plate to use as a palette for your polish

Topped it all off with your favorite Dry Fast Top Coat.
I used Essie Good To Go

Step 2: Paint Your Nail Solid Blue

Step 3: Paint Your Dark Blue Dots

After your first coat of polish has dried.  Put a little dark blue polish onto your palette (I used tin foil)
Dip your dotting tool into the polish & start your pattern.

Step 4: White Dots

Same as the previous step using your dotting tool create your White Dot Pattern.

Step 5: Top Coat & You're Done!

Let your nail design set for about 5 minutes and top it all off with your favorite dry fast top coat!

Step 6: Finished Look

Here's the finished look!  Check out designs like these at my blog www.thetrendynail.com

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