Introduction: How to Draw a Character Like a Pop Vinyl

This is an easy step by step method of drawing a character like a pop vinyl

Step 1: The Head

First draw a big circle then two little circles in the big circle.

Step 2: Neck, Arms and Body

Now add two small lines from the bottom of the head (about two centimetres away from each other).then from the lines go across and down like the picture. This bit is hard to explain so just copy the hands and draw a line up with a bend to the inside of the character.From the line you have just drawn draw a line straight down a few centimetres with a tiny tilt in it on either side.

Step 3: The Legs

now draw a line like the arm (so with a bend) down on each side of the line you have just drawn.then draw out and turn around and go the other direction (to make a foot) then draw up towards the body (to make an arc). Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Design Your Own

Customise your character adding hair,clothes,hats. It doesn't even have to be human it could be an animal or a monster.