Introduction: How to Draw a Demon Face Step by Step

How to draw a Demons face step by step. Starting off

Step 1: Draw Oval Head Shape

Draw an oval head shape with eye and mouth shapes to start.

Step 2: Draw Eye and Mouth Details

Start to sketch more detail on the eyes and mouth such as eye balls and teeth. Also start sketching in some frown lines in between the eyes.

Step 3: Draw Ears and Other Minor Details

Loosely sketching in the ears and some facial lines which are commonly referred to as wrinkles.

Step 4: Draw Some Slight Details and Shade the Mouth

Pencil shading the mouth now helps bring out the sharp teeth and adding other details here and there helps bring the face alive more.

Step 5: Start the Inking Process

Inking is more than tracing over your pencil lines, it's about improving the drawing and making it stand out more. Make a start.

Step 6: Inking Sketchy Ink Lines

nking quickly gives your faces a sense of energy and life in your drawings. But then again, it's ok if you take your time.

Step 7: Demon Face Complete

The Demons face is now complete, you could however erase the pencil lines and color it if you wish.