Introduction: How to Draw a Dragon

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Step 1: Supplies

So to draw you'll need the basics -pencils (I use mechanical pencils but use whatever you enjoy drawing with) -erasers -extra leads (for a mechanical pencil just in case) And if you'd like to line the finished product and erase all the extra lines (which I didn't do on this one) a fine tip marker of your choice (I use a sharpie ultra fine) And of course you'll need paper. Any paper will do but I prefer Canson paper for my artwork.

Step 2: Beginning

I normally get a reference photo to help with anatomy or a pose but you dont have to. Reference photos help when adding detail as well such as eyes. For this dragon I based his eye off of Smaug's in The Hobbit.

Step 3: Base

Base.1 First trace out the basic pose you want your dragon to be in. Remember to draw lightly if your paper doesn't allow easy erasing. Base. 2 Then start to add the muscles and basic body shape and the wings. Don't forget a place for your beastie to stand on. Base.3 Erase any unwanted lines.

Step 4: Face

Dragons have very horse like faces if you look at the base under the scales and horns so try drawing a frame much like a horse. If you'd like a dragon with an open mouth (as this one will be) use the second picture guide I used myself. It'll help ALOT with the jaw and eyes later on. And in the third picture you'll see I used a step to make the mouth open to a reasonable width.

Step 5: Arms and Legs

For the arms picture the muscles first and get a general idea of which ones would be strongest. Also use your references. The same goes for the legs. Just make them look as natural as possible. Don't forget to keep erasing unwanted lines.

Step 6: Claws

Now my claws aren't the best in the world so be sure to use references and adjust them to your liking. I used reference for these so there's not much for me to tell you other than use a base as shown in the first picture and draw from that.

Step 7: Wings

There are many types of wings. You can choose an already seen one or you can make your own. So trace out your wing outline, erasing any unwanted lines along the way. And don't forget the joint where the wig meets the back.

Step 8: Primary Detailing: Head

Now the rest is really just details. We'll begin with the face. First add your tongue outline if your dragon has an open mouth and then the teeth. Simple, no? Also don't forget a nostril. Now we shall move up the head and add an eye and some horns. Don't forget his ear either! And once those are finished you can add indents where muscles are or where the skull curves.

Step 9: Horns and Claws

Embellish your dragon with multiple horns on his body like the elbow area as seen in the first pic or on the wings. Don't forget spikes going down the length of the dragon.

Step 10: Almost Finished!

Now just go over your dragon and add little details you like and a border between underbelly scales and all the others.

Step 11: Last Details

Make any final adjustments. You can add scales but only do it if you're deadly bored as it takes FOREVER. Shade the horns and wings and such then add any details you like and you're done! Congrats on your winged beast!