Introduction: How to Draw a Hampster Sleeping

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for all you people who love hamtaro.. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! :-D

Step 1: Sock Part One

draw a curved L and a small curve

Step 2: Sock Part Two

nake a very slight curve connected to the other curve. draw wavy lines that connect top to bottom

Step 3: Head

draw two circles (small) and a big circles in between. look at the picture for reference.

Step 4: Face Part One

draw a very spaced lower case M then for ears draw a circle with spikes on the sides

Step 5: Face Part Two

draw two ovals for the eyes a spead W for the mouth and the tounge however you want

Step 6: Sock Part 3

draw 2 curves on the ends and add any design on it. i went with stripes

Step 7: Color

out line the sock and colorthe sock any color

Step 8: Color

color his head brown other stripes orange color the eyes black and tounge and cheeks pink

Step 9: Waves

draw squiggly lines in the fluff.

Step 10: Thanks!

you instructors are my inspiration. thank you!!!!!!!!