Introduction: How to Draw a Horse

Hi! Today I'm going to teach you how to draw a horse. All you"ll need is a plain paper and a pencil.

Step 1: The Shape of the Body

If you're not such an experienced artist you may want to start drawing lightly so erasing mistakes will be easier. This is the starting shape.

Step 2: The Head

Pretty simple! just copy the picture!

Step 3: Starting the Legs

Add on one leg in the front and one in the back. The hind leg is more muscular than the front so it should be bigger.

Step 4: Legs

Draw the legs on the other side now. Make them smaller than the ones closer to you.

Step 5: Face and Hair

The mouth and nose are in an area lighter than the rest of the face. The eyes look better if you draw them darker so they stand out. The hair looks more realistic if you do it uneven and messy.

Step 6: The Tail

You can make it lying against the body if you want your horse to look like it's standing in one spot. I prefer to make it flying behind the horse so it looks like the horse is walking.

Step 7: The Finishing Details

To make your horse look more 3D, shading it in is very effective. Shade in darker around the outlines and around the muscles. Shade in the legs farthest away darker so you get a shadow and the legs closer to you stand out more.