How to Draw a Xenomorph (warrior)




Introduction: How to Draw a Xenomorph (warrior)

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

. Pencil
. Eraser
. Paper (any)

Step 2: Drawing the Head

Start with a circle. In the image there are rings that go vertical and horizontal. Inside the circle. You don't have to put them there, but it will help with the rest of the head.

When you have that part done. Try doing a curved line for the top part of its dome like head. Use the middle line inside the circle and arc back. Take the horizontal line and make a jaw with a chin. With that same horizontal line make the dome top were the shiny or detailed part will be cut off. When you get done with that, erase all of the lines in the center of the circle to make it clean. Add the mouth and the lines that separate the mouth in segments. Add some teeth to it. NOTICE that they have some human like teeth in the front. The rest are sharp.

Sorry that the third photo is blurry.

Step 3: Drawing the Arms and Body

Draw a neck and at the base of the neck. You draw a giant arc for the shoulder. Next to the jaw line is a half arc for the other shoulder. Behind the first shoulder is a spike or tube like thing. The spike has tinier spikes on the top of it. The tubes have oval looking things that have lines. This is some detail, but I will get into further detail later. Draw little circles inside the arc where you want the beginning of the arm to start. Draw a line. Draw another circle at the end of the line. Making it the joint and where the arm bends. Draw another line and circle at the end of that. For the hand base. Repeat for the other side.

For the body. See how it has a bigger base or wider stomach. It's a warrior so it's a bit bigger than a lurker, yet smaller than a spitter. The block lolling things going down its chest are the rib connecting parts.

Step 4: Drawing the Legs

Draw some more circles and lines making the leg outline. Just like the arms, but with the legs. The waste is smaller. Add feet and little spines on the waste.

Step 5: Drawing the Tail

Really simple. Draw some sort of crazy line or "S" shaped line. My tail is a bit big, but is okay.

Step 6: DETAIL

Okay you may get lost because I was too lazy to take step by step pictures of the detail.

I started with the body and the arms. Just try to follow the design I did. I also did the shoulders and hands.

Then I did the head. It's a warrior head. So it's different from heads you probably have seen. A warrior ridge.

Next was the spines on its back. I think it's simple to take on. No problems.

I then did the legs. They look complicated, but are actually a ton of lines and previous ovals and lines you probably did.

Step 7: Tail Detail Step to Step

Start by making half rectangles on the top of the tail.

Then connect lines from top to bottom of the tail.

Draw little lines inside. A arch.

Draw pairs of lines that will be a tube looking thing. Draw little lines in the tube. Draw the point like a scorpion for the tail.

If the tail is big like mine. Just draw more little lines in the tail.

Step 8: Finished

This is the whole picture finished. You should sign it when your done. Also keep practicing if its not just how you would like it. When you get more familiar with it. You could draw it with breeze.

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3 years ago

Great instructions. This has got to be the best thing I've ever drawn. I have spent way too long on this, but here it is. I still need to do some shading, but I think it looks okay!


5 years ago

Thank you so much for the instructions! It took me less than an hour and was so fun ?


Reply 5 years ago

Lol accidental question mark


8 years ago

Yes :) I'd love to see them


8 years ago

Thank you. Should I draw the others too?