Introduction: How to Draw 'Body-hugging' Clothing

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OK!  Sorry I've been away from Instructables for such a long time!  Long story short, I had a bad internet connection...  And summer happened.  This is a tutorial recommended by the awesome Thergox!  This is kind of a follow up to my previous tutorial on how to draw LOOSE folds.  Check it out here: . 

Approx. Time: 10 mins (won't take as long if you have practice)

Feel free to share your work!  I'd love to see them!

Unnecessary Materials (will help understanding): small piece of cloth (or tissue)

Step 1: Body Outline

First, draw your character naked.  To clarify things, when I say naked, I mean the OUTLINE...  No need to get into the details.  So here we have a 3/4 of a female's upper torso.  Feel free to position your character anyway you like!

Step 2: Clothing Outline

Now go ahead and draw your clothing design.  Try to keep it light and brief as you might be changing some features in the future.  In this tutorial, I'll be using a button up shirt as my outfit.  The types commonly found on school grounds.  As you can see, I've added a few bumps on the sleeve to show it's wrinkles and folds.  The folds shown on the upper arms are made out of stretched out letter L's.  I've also added to more folds at the wrist to show the increase of material there.  Do not worry about the waist fold.  That will be taught later on in this tutorial.

Step 3: Adding Folds and Creases

Time to add some more detail to our folds!  As we all know, single line folds can get boring and repetitive at times.  Instead, we can use a little cheat.  Try joining two lines together.  It gives the draw more depth at the same time, keeping it simple.  Since there is gravity applied to person, most folds would be sloping downwards.  For example, the folds I've draw near the wrist and waist.  However, there are times where folds do NOT slope downwards.  Since there is an uneven surface at the upper part of the torso, folds would generally slope up.  Many people would go crazy and add as many folds as the shirt could fit.  Do not add too many folds if you intend to keep your clothing fairly body-hugging.  

As for the tie.  Many of you might be wondering why it isn't straight.  Well, try taking a piece of cloth and putting it over your knee.  Is it completely  straight?  I highly doubt so.  How outward the tie is depends on how large of a bump it goes over.  

Step 4: Final Details

Go ahead and customize the outfit however you want.  Erase all previous unnecessary outlines and give it a unique look!  And for the line down the middle I've drawn here, it is obviously not completely straight.  For a better understanding, take a piece of cloth and draw a line down the middle.  A tissue would work as well.  Randomly mess it up and create folds out of it.  If you observe closely, you will notice that some parts of the line is covered up under the folds.  Now, folds don't always have to be in a straight line.  Once the line goes over the fold, start a new line anywhere you want!

Step 5: Hip Outline

Don't really think I need to explain this part...  But oh well.  This is 3/4 of the waist.

Step 6: Hip Folds

This is much simpler than it looks!  Draw a letter 'C' around the waist.  Start the curve at the deepest end of the waist.  Make sure the 'C' is longer at the bottom.  To finish up the look, add a crease below it.  The crease is really just a line.  

Step 7: Arm Outline

If you're looking for something that is VERY body-hugging, This will be the part for you.  Go ahead and draw your arm outline!

Step 8: Adding Folds

There really isn't much folds in this.  Keep in mind that this sleeve is probably made from latex and won't make huge creases.  For this, just a few zig-zag lines would be enough for the folds.  Go ahead and add some lines if you want to.  I personally added lines just cause I'm not a big fan of extremely tight clothing.

Congratulations!  You made it to the end of the tutorial!  Hope this was helpful and of use!  Feel free to share you artworks!  I'd love to see them!