How to Draw Celebi ~Two Ways~

Introduction: How to Draw Celebi ~Two Ways~

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Hey guys! Today me and my friend (one of the esteemed lfth staff) are bringing you two ways to draw Celebi. I hope you guys enjoy this!




Fine Lined Pen



Light Green


Step 1: The First Way

Pic 1:

Draw your construction lines. The lines consist of different size ovals and plain lines.

Pic 2:

Draw the head and the antennae.

Pic 3:

Draw the eyes, mouth, and contour lines on the top head.

Pic 4:

Draw your body and legs. It will be a little chubby and the legs are not very detailed.

Pic 5:

Draw the wing and arms.

Step 2:

Pic 1:

Outline your main lines with the fine lined pen and erase your pencil marks.

Pic 2:

Grab your colors. (listed on the main page)

Pic 3:

Color the top of the head and the bottom half of the body, making sure you incline. Color part of the eyes.

Pic 4:

Finish coloring your eyes.

Pic 5:

Use your yellow green to color the main part of the body and head.

Step 3: The Second Way

Pic 1:

Draw your construction lines!

Pic 2:

Do your head and antennae.

Pic 3:

Draw the arms and part of the body.

Pic 4:

Do your wings, and the rest of your body.

Pic 5:

Do the pattern on the stomach and the face.

Step 4:

Pic 1:

Outline and erase your pencil marks.

Pic 2:

Color in your Celebi like in the picture.

Step 5: Tada!

Congratulations! You drew Celebi! Whichever one you chose, I hope you enjoyed drawing it! I'm concerned with the understanding level of this instructable, so yeah, if you DIDN'T understand it, let me know, and I will revise it. My friend drew the second Celebi, I'm giving credit to her, she did a GREAT job, my coloration was crappy, but hey! Here are links to the other how to draw pokemon instructables.

How To Draw Poochyena

How To Draw Suicune

Signing off for now!

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    Thanks so much! It fits me perfectly!


    Thanks! Feel free to request more of your favorite pokemon!


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    Nice drawing, this is one of my favorite Pokemon.