Introduction: How to Draw Dispicable Me Minions Easy

U need a pencil and a piece of paper and if u want to color the minions markers crayons or colored pencils

Step 1: Drawing the Main Body of a Minion

Draw a long oval that will be the main body

Step 2: Draw the Arms and Legs

Draw two boots on the bottom of the oval then draw two arms at the sides and put a glove on the end of each arm

Step 3: Draw the Facial Details and Overalls

Draw either a one or two eyed minion by drawing their glasses on the upper part of their head then draw the eyes inside of the glasses next put three hairs on top of his head after that draw a big smile with a tounge hanging out next draw the overalls and add a pocket in the middle with a symbol in the middle

Step 4: Customizing

U can make your minions do crazy things and customize them

Step 5: Coloring

U may color your minions if u want too