Introduction: How to Draw : Luka Megurine (Matryoshka)

About: Crazy 5SOS obsessed fangirl that loves to draw, bake, sing and craft. Taken by someone called Michael Clifford.

Step 1: Lines

Draw a small oval for the head then draw two small lines below the oval (Head) you made. for the neck. then the shoulders should be low or relaxed then for the arms make it like an arrow facing outwards from the chest to look like her hands are in the pockets of the jacket (see step 2) then the chest should be small. Then draw a small skirt then the legs. The feet should be small.

Step 2: Coloring and Details

For the details on the face draw small stitches On her nose and sides of the face and her hair should be a little long. And her mouth should be a upside down triangle for Luka to seem happy. Then draw a zipper from the neck to the bottom of her jacket. Then draw a line on the shoes for the tip. And draw happy little eyes!!!!

Hair - Light pink
Jacket - Green
Skirt - Pink
Shoes - Red
Tip of the shoes - White
Mouth - Pink
Face Stitches - Black
Eyes - Black
Skin - Light Brown ( or maybe Pearl )
Zipper - White

Step 3: Finish!!!