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Introduction: How to Draw Mr. Pricklepants

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Hey guys, this is a small lesson on how to draw Mr. Pricklepants from the movie Toy Story 3. :) Please excuse the minor errors throughout the instructable. :)

Step 1: Main Part of the Body

Draw a generally pear-shaped body to start out with. Try to make both sides equal to each other, it looks better that way. :)

Step 2: Limbs

Limbs are a generally important feature of most moving animals (yes, including stuffed toy ones). For our character, draw a light guideline about a third of the way down from the top of the head. Then draw a half-hidden tear drop shape starting at that line, and ending at about two thirds of the way done. Draw another light guideline so that the other arm will be equal. Then, draw two legs, in the shape of somewhat rounded rectangles. Refer to the pic if any of this is confusing, and feel free to ask questions. :)

Step 3: Trousers! or Pants, or Britches, or Whatever.

Just a little above your last guideline, sketch in another line so you end up with a flipped crescent-moon shape. Then add straps, making sure they curve around his body.

Step 4: Detail on the Trousers

Now, add a small buckle on each strap about 3/4 of the way down. This is easily accomplished by drawing a square within a square. Then, add a row of simple stitches along the top of his britches. (Hehe... That rhymes) Add two small oval buttons. Now, draw a straight line starting at the edge of a buckle, until it attaches to the other buckle's edge. Then draw a curve, starting and ending at the same places, so that you know have a patch of fabric attached to the straps. Draw the little design in. :)

Step 5: Claws, Paws, and Nose

Draw in the legs of his pants, and round off the shape of his foot. Draw dull, round claws, two for each hand and three for each foot. Begin his nose with a round, upside down triangle. If you like, make a small oval-ish indent for light reflecting off his nose.

Step 6: Face

Draw in a happy smile, some (two) eyes, eyebrows, and little oval blush marks. Near the top of his head, make two ears. :)

Step 7: Prickles!

Draw a bunch of prickles! Its easy, just draw a bunch of lines and you're headed in the right direction. :)

Step 8: The Hat

Well, it appears the pics are upside down, but it should still work out. :) Since me explaining the process of the hat would be terribly long and confusing, just follow the pics. :)

Step 9: Some Shading

Go ahead and fill in his claws, eyes, eyebrows, and nose with grey. :)

Step 10: Color! :D

Yay! Time for fun! :) Color his pants light green, buckles gold, buttons yellow, little design red, hat light green with a dark green band and a red feather, and little blush marks pink. :) Ta-da! :D You now have your very own Mr. Pricklepants! Feel free to ask questions and share your drawing in the comments. :)

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