How to Draw Poochyena

Introduction: How to Draw Poochyena

Heyo! I'm here with my first how to draw pokemon! Today, here's Poochyena. I wanted to start with something easy, and then get a little harder. So, you'll need some paper, (or a sketchpad) a well sharpened pencil with a lot of eraser, and a drawing pen in black. (I'm using Microns, you can find them at micheals and probably other craft stores.) Now, lets get started!

Step 1: Construction and the Head

Start with some construction lines. A circle for the head, roundish triangles for the ears, a small circle for the muzzle, (I guess it's a muzzle!?) an oval for the body, (Note: We want to make this a little more like a circle because Poochyena is somewhat chubby.) three ovals for the legs, and some lines for the fur and the tail. When that's done, start with the head by tracing over the circle construction line under the muzzle. Then, start the muzzle by doing a half circle with a short line. Then, draw two thin and long triangles for the teeth. Finish the mouth by doing part of an oval for the rest. Then draw the nose by drawing a jellybean type shape. Trace more of the head and do the first ear by tracing a little bit. Don't forget to draw the inside of it! Then, draw another line continuing the head, and do the other ear. After that, draw the neck, draw the eye, and lastly, add triangle details to the head and neck.

Step 2: Body and Fur

Start by drawing the feet and body lines. Then draw the fur and add details to the feet. Draw a body line and then the spiky fur, then the tail.

Step 3: Outlining and Shading

Now, we're going to outline Poochyena. Just trace the lines, not the construction lines, and fill in the ears. Erase your sketch, then fill in the triangle details and the eye.

Step 4: Completion

You have come to completion!!! This may take a while, but don't give up, and be patient. :|) Let me know in the comments what pokemon you want me to do next!

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Bye and I'll be back along with the next instructable!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! Feel free to request a pokemon!