Introduction: How to Draw Suicune

Heyo! Today's instructable is How To Draw Suicune. WOO HOO! I hope you like this instructable, because I do! This will take a while, so beware, this won't be drawn quickly! Before we begin, I also would like to state that because of detail, I might not explain well enough, so I would advise to examine the pictures closely; my instructions might not be extremely helpful. Grab your materials, and then you'll begin!




Fine Lined Pen




Step 1: Sketching

Pic 1:

Start with your construction lines. Like I said in the intro, I would advise to examine the pictures.

Pic 2:

Draw the head. Make sure to draw all the details; like the little white gumdrop shaped thing beside the jaw/muzzle, the big headdressy type piece, the details in the eye, etc.

Pic 3:

Draw Suicune's legs. All the circles and the lines with construction should help. Also draw the diamond pattern on his legs and back.

Pic 4:

Draw the parts of the back that are visible, draw his two tails, or ribbons, and pretty much outline 'Suicune's flowing locks'.

Step 2:

Pic 1:

Outline your details, and erase. I suggest for erasing, use a kneadable eraser. Forget having to clean up eraser shavings!

Pic 2:

Grab your blue-green and violet. I didn't have the right blue, but I worked around it.

Pic 3:

Color the blue-green areas of Suicune. Pay attention to the picture, because some areas are white. As you can probably see, I had to erase some.

Pic 4:

Color in 'Suicune's flowing locks' with your violet.

Step 3:

Wow! You're done! It took just about FOREVER, but it was worth it, right? Of course. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please post a picture of your work, I want to see how much better you did than me! I'm putting links to my other How To Draw Pokemon instructables, this marks my third one.

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Signing off! Bye guys!

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