Introduction: How to Draw Your Own MLP OC

This is a simple way to draw a MLP OC base.

Step 1: Drawing the Guidelines

You will first need to draw some circles in the same spots as the picture. Try to draw them lightly with your pencil, you will need to erase them later.

Step 2: Drawing the Outline

You will need to create the outline of your pony like this, try not to draw too far from the lines.

Step 3: Creating the Legs

You will need to draw the legs, remember that ponies have 4 legs.

Step 4: Erasing the Guidelines

Use an eraser to get rid of the guidelines, make sure that you still have the outline.

Step 5: Adding the Facial Features

Draw in the eyes, nose and mouth; which should be easy.

Step 6: Adding the Mane, Tail and Cutie Mark

Draw the mane and tail however you want. Draw the cutie mark as well. Cutie marks represent the character's destiny or talent. I am doing a bucket and spade because my character's special talent is building sandcastles.

Step 7: Colouring It in (optional)

If you think that your pony needs some colour, then colour it in. You can also make the outline bolder if you feel you need to. I hope you enjoyed drawing your MLP OC!