Introduction: How to Draw a Manga Character

In this instructable I wont show you how to draw Naruto or Yu-gi-oh(hope you aren`t sad)t .I`ll show you how to invent your own character.If you don`t like my instructable...I`m just a kid,not a pro :).I used to draw a "vampire" creature,but you can make a ninja,a guitarist,a pirate....The ability called "imagination is made fotr that.The equipment is:
-0,1 pen
-0,1 rubber
-99,8 imagination :)

Step 1: The Head

First you have to draw a head(like the one on the picture).If you don`t "agree" it,you are free to invent your one.

Step 2: Eyes,Eyebrows and Nose

In the head you must draw the eyes,eyebrows and the nose.Here the eyes and the eyebrows are big...The most important in the manga eyes is to make a vertical elypse in the middle of the eye.

Step 3: The Mouth

There are many ideas for the mouth.
-With 2 big teeth in the ends of the mouth,but in the good drawing we must see only one tooth(like a vampire)
-Normal mouth (like a man or woman)
-With many teeth which are crossed.I mean the teeth from the lower mandible are crossing the ones of the upper mandible.(like a monster)
-Opened with a few of green teeth (with diferent forms and size)and a tongue(a bit disgusting,but its like a zombie)
There are many others ideas ...

Step 4: The Hair

Now the most interesting part-The Hair.Your hero can have a long hair,short hair :D...If you wanna draw long hair,my advice is to start with many short (diagonal) lines over the head.After this cross them with longer horizontal lines and continue the hair.I`ll suggest you some hairstyles and things you can add to the hairstyles:
-Punk style
- Braids
-A little part of the hair wich is diferent color of the hair`s one ( exemple: brown hair and s blue braid...)
You decide :)

Step 5: The Upper Body

Here we have 2...3 options.
The Best is Strong,cause when you draw the breasts of the character they`ll date the most clearly(if its a man).For a woman the best choice is Weak or maybe Medium.The other important things are the clothes (from a dirty T-shirt to the most expensive "haute-couture...the choice is big).But your hero can be a warrior or a robot,then he can`t wear a sweatshirt,so choose a cool armor ;)

Step 6: The Shadows in the Upper Body

This step is not very dificult.You only have to draw a "soft" line wich is following the traces of the clothes.It must be thin in the ends and fat in the middle.Watch the picture to understand me.The shadows are very imposrtant for the muscles of the hero,cause they make them more expressive.

Step 7: The Lower Body

Here you have to draw cool legs and shoes.If you can make a very muscled legs...Choose!You can watch mine to have an inspiratio =]

Step 8: Wings and Other Accesoires

Finally- your hero have all important parts of his body.Now he can have some parts wich can help him,or just for fun.
The most important things:
The Cool Things
-Guitar(6 or 7 strings),Bass Guitar(4 strings),Drum sticks and many others
Hope you enjoyed this instructable :)