How to Dutch Braid Your Hair Into a Bun




Introduction: How to Dutch Braid Your Hair Into a Bun

This is a tutorial about how to Dutch braid your hair from the bottom of your head into a bun.

Step 1: Supplies

Make sure to have the following supplies: -hairbrush -ponytail holder -hairspray

Step 2: Brush Hair

Brush hair until tangle free. This hair style is optimum for relatively long, straight, single layered hair.

Step 3: Flip Hair

Bend over and flip hair to the front of your face. Position the head to a comfortable height for braider.

Step 4: Separate Hair

Take 3 small, even sections at the base of the head leaving a large portion of hair free.

Step 5: Began Braiding

Begin the Dutch braid by taking the right strand and placing it behind the middle strand between it and the left strand. It is now your new middle strand. Then, take the left strand and place it behind the middle strand between it and the right strand. It is now your new middle strand.

Step 6: Continue Braiding

As you repeat Step 5, alternating left and right strands becoming the middle strand, take another small strand of remaining hair closest to the braid to add to the strand you are working with before you move it to the middle.

Step 7: Braid Up

Continuing the steps in 5 and 6, work your way up the head. Hold the strands tightly and close to the scalp for a neat look.

Step 8: Finish Braiding

When you have finished adding in the rest of the unbraided hair, finish braiding the hair to the tips.

Step 9: Bun Time!

Twist the braid around a center point on top of the head tightly. Tuck the ends of the hair into the bottom of the bun. Make sure that the braid along the back stays in place and the rest of the hair is nice and neat.

Step 10: Ponytail & Hairspray

Wrap a ponytail holder around the bun to keep it in place. Use as many ponytails as needed. Then spray hairspray over the head keep fly-aways down.

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    9 years ago

    Wow how do you do that it is so so cute you have to send how to do it to me


    That looks awesome! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think my hair is just barely long enough to give it a try.


    9 years ago

    Omg I have that hairbrush!! And such a great tutorial. :)

    Forn Man
    Forn Man

    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome instructable. I like the pastoral setting of your backyard. We can't wait to see your next installment of teaching. It will be "hair raising!" JF