How to Easily Record the Screen With Linux and Convert Video




Introduction: How to Easily Record the Screen With Linux and Convert Video

I spent hours writing a guide on how to record a screencast, or record what is on the desktop, and convert it. I then found out that this was is much simpler and faster... More» and doesn't even involve opening the commandline. In order to do this you need VLC and gtk-recordmydesktop. They are available in most distributions repositories. If you want to do this in Windows you will have to use a screen recording program, but the VLC step is the same. I have had great success when using this, and hopefully you will too. As you can see I, I am running PCLinuxOS, but you can most likely accomplish the same thing in Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions. No worries. I also noticed that the video won't upload to metacafe in Linux. I found the best way to sidestep this is to install Firefox with WINE and upload it from there. Please disregard the parts where it shows the video playing back. It actually does play back, but recordmydesktop doesn't capture it. If you have any questions or comments please leave them

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    6 years ago

    This was March, 2008.

    January, 2016

    There's still VLC.

    There's also:

    Record it Now: (v0.8)

    RecordMyDesktop: (v0.3.8.1)

    (Multiple Install options on website, including 32 / 64 bit)

    as well as Simple Screen Recorder: last update: 2013 (v0.36)

    xvidcap's last update: 2013
    (it wouldn't install on my system - Linux Mint - "Unable to locate package xvidcap"


    14 years ago on Introduction

    You can do this much easier with a program called "xvidcap". Plus, xvidcap captures directly from the x window server, so there shouldn't be any additional requirements, and should work on any Linux OS. The very first time I ever used xvidcap, I had it completely installed, running and operational within under 60 seconds. You don't need any extra software to do the transcoding either, since it can output mp4, avi, flash, mov and so on. From the look of this tutorial, I'd recommend xvidcap since it seems to be much easier and does just as much. Check it out if you haven't used it before. It was very easy to get it running, so you won't have any problems.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hell yeah , xvidcap is freakin fast !
    i couldnt record minecraft worth crap whith other ones i was trying to , but hell this works great =D