Introduction: How to Extract DNA From Strawberries

This will teach you how to extract DNA from strawberries.  It is a fun activity for an elementary or junior high biology class, or something fun for kids to do when they are bored.  This is a simple process that requires no training in biology only the ability to measure things out properly.  Materials that you will need are salt, dish soap, strawberries, water, rubbing alcohol, a popsicle stick plastic cups and a coffee filter or cheese cloth.  

Step 1: Mash the Strawberries

First remove the green leaves and place the strawberries in a resealable plastic bag.  Now mash them until they are a liquid.

Step 2: Prepare Extraction Liquid

This is done by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of dish soap, and 1/2 cup of water in a plastic cup.  Mix thoroughly so that the salt is completely dissolved.

Step 3: Add Extraction Liquid to Strawberries

Add 2 teaspoons of the just made extraction liquid to the strawberry mash.  

Step 4: Mix the Liquids Together

Reseal the bag and gently mix the liquids in the bag together, making sure to not make too many bubbles.

Step 5: Place Cheese Cloth Over Cup

Place cheese cloth over cup.

Step 6: Filter Liquid Through Cheese Cloth

Cut a corner on the bag and squeeze the liquid onto the cheese cloth.  The liquid should drain through the cheese cloth.  It may be necessary to squeeze cheese cloth to get all the liquid to strain through.

Step 7: Pour in Cold Rubbing Alcohol

Make sure the rubbing alcohol is cold and pour in an equal amount rubbing alcohol as there is strawberry liquid.  Do not mix or stir.

Step 8: Observe DNA Layer Forming

Quickly a cloudy white layer will be seen on the top of the strawberry mixture.  This is the DNA.

Step 9: Pick Up the DNA

Take the popsicle stick and pick up the DNA clump.