Introduction: How to Extract LEDs From LED Christmas Lights

This Instructable will cover the extraction of LEDs from molded LED Christmas lights

Step 1: Items Needed.

The Following items are needed:

*Led Light Strand

Step 2: Purchase LED Light Set.

Purchase a set of LED Christmas lights. I purchased mine from Walgreens but you can get them fomr ACE, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and many ther places.

Please Note:
These Instructions have ONLY been tested with the set i bought from Walgreens. They MAY work the same with similar models but I cannot be sure. I plan to update this later to determine if it works with other brands.

Step 3: Remove Bulb From Casing.

The Strand i am working with has little tabs that secure the bulb to the strand. Your's may or they may not. After taking the bulb out of the strand bend the leads straight so that you can pull it from the green housing.

Step 4: Remove LED From Bulb.

Grip base of LED with pliers and bend back and forth until bulb separates from the LED.

Step 5: Remove Rest of Plastic.

To do this I simply slid the piece down over the leads until it came off. You might have to squeeze it with the pliers to loosen it up.

Step 6: Your Finished

You should now have a LED that is separated from its casing. If you have any questions send me a message. I will update this later with a video and Find out if this works with other brands.