Introduction: How to Film Using a Blackberry

Want to learn how to film using a Blackberry? Check out my Instructable for an easy step-by-step on how to film videos and movies with a Blackberry.

Step 1:

First, enter the main menu of your  that you see after you boot up your Blackberry. Then simply touch the "Camera" option to enter.

Step 2:

When you enter, you will b e automatically in "Camera" mode. To leave "Camera" mode and enter "Video" mode, touch the top right corner of the screen. Touch the picture on your right that looks like a video camera and you will be in "Video" mode.

Step 3:

First, you should know some of the basic options you are provided before you film. The first image you will find on your left when you touch the screen. This is your zoom option, feel free to alter it by sliding it up or down. The second image can be found at the bottom right. This is your camera flip that will turn the camera towards you if you intend to film yourself.

Step 4:

This picture here is your record button found on your right. Just simlpy press it to start filming.

Step 5:

This is an example of a film to sho you what it looks like. (The videos film much clearer than dispalyed in this picture as it was taken with a camera.)

Step 6:

To stop the filming, press the square button on your right as shown in the picture below.

Step 7:

To view your film, leave by touching the word Blackberry at the bottom and sliding up. Next, touch the "Videos" option displayed at the bottom of the screen. Press and you will be able to view all your films by touching the video you want. That is how you film using a Blackberry.