Introduction: How to Fit in at a New School.

As this is my first instructable please dont expect this to be amazing.
This is going to help you or a relative get through the very grueling and tough time of starting a new school, whether it be starting high school or moving because of a different reason.

Step 1: Confidence

When starting a new school you need to be confident enough that people will not pick on you or try to intimidate you.
You can do this by:

- Try To act calmly and casually
- Dont make yourself stand out
- Do not act in a horrible or nasty way towards the other students
- Follow and listen to teachers instructions carefully
- Try to make friends with nice people, Not the bullies. (We all know every school has them)

Try not to be over confident because know one likes a know it all!

Step 2: Making Friends

Some students may have already have friends at there new school but if not here are some easy tips on how to choose the right ones:

- Dont get pressurized into being friends with someone, its your choice.
- Friends are people who look out for you, not push you around.
- Act normally around them because true friends wont judge you.
- Try to get a variety of friends so you definatley have someone to go to for support. (Fitting in to a new school could be a drastic change)

Step 3: Other Useful Information...

Other useful information you may need to know during the period of starting at a new school:

- Students and teachers mostly judge on first impressions so dont mess it up.
- Dont worry though because if you do there are many ways to redeem yourself
- Try joining some lunch time or after hours clubs to make more friends and/or learn a new skill.
- Dont get in with the wrong crowd/groups
- Always meet deadlines for work due in (atleast for the first few weeks!)
- If Your Good At Something, Flaunt it!

I think, this is about all you need to know and you should be fine.

I hope this instructable has helped you on your way to your new school or college life! Even if it is extremly Short.